Captain Doug Miller, Squadron Commander


Capt. Doug Miller

Commander – Fullerton Composite Squadron 56

September 1, 2014, I accepted the flag which was passed from the outgoing Commander, Major Andrew Hong, who completed his 3-year term as Squadron Commander. I quickly learned what large shoes I was filling and that I needed help not only to continue with all that Major Hong had put into place but also to bring to fruition my vision of all that I wanted to accomplish with the squadron.

For just a little of my background, I come from a diverse work history which plays well for this position as I am somewhat a “Jack of all trades” as well as my past 25 years in Emergency Services as a Firefighter/Engineer with Orange County Fire Authority. My Grandson saw an advertisement for something called Civil Air Patrol when he was 11 years old and the minute he turned 12, he joined Squadron 56. Since I was his primary transportation, I observed the meetings and helped him study for promotions. This exposure sold me on the value of the Civil Air Patrol program and its positive influence on these young men and women with an emphasis on the Core Values, Leadership lessons, Civic Responsibilities, Sense of Pride, Instilled Respect, Mentoring Program, and so much more. After the first meeting, I saw a change in my grandson and I have made it my mission to see that same change in each and every Cadet under my Command.

These young men and women are tomorrow’s leaders and I am continually amazed by them, their abilities, their thirst for knowledge, and eagerness to rise above to meet every challenge. The qualities by which these individuals conduct themselves sets them apart from the rest and I know that with these individuals, we can be the best.

I have set many goals for Squadron 56 and the more I interact at the different functions, my goal standards increase and multiply. One goal is to be recognized as “THE BEST” Squadron, to be THE Squadron that other squadrons strive to emulate and to be nationally recognized. We certainly have the make-up for it with our Cadets, Senior Members, Cadet Sponsors, and Parents. I have big plans for Squadron 56 and with all of us pulling up our boot-straps, working hard and smart, assisting each other, and keeping forward momentum, we will fulfill this goal.

See you Tuesday Night!